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VOS 3000 has several versions and VOS 3000 is the unique as well as reliable softswitch in the industry. It is the safest version of VOS3000 in comparison to its other versions. The persons, who are interested or have any query in regard to this may contact us for demo. We are specialized in providing services for both hosting as well as installation.


There are several features of VOS 3000, as a result to which it is getting popular. Below mentioned are a few such features of VOS 3000

  • VOS3000 Popular Feature is Call Recording.
  • It has a unique anti-hacking feature.
  • It is known for making invoices of its customers.
  • Add audio service settings for web interface.
  • Add SIP message transmission.
  • Add dynamic blacklist for NO Answer
  • Binds My SQL to, when installed.
  • Add frame size transmission for SIP SDP.
  • Add RTP detection for IVR.
  • Add time on progress bar.
  • Division of web with the help of main program.
  • Add system white list along with addition of dynamic blacklist.
  • Callback support by making choice of billing account by second call (connected/unconnected).
  • Add Push DTMF for IVR interface.
  • Call transfer number pool with the help of routing/mapping/gateways.
  • Removal of “Allow callee transfer” on routing gateway.
  • Add table format to edit the forward number.
  • Add free charge to the registered phone.
  • Add incoming call rewrite rule to the phone.
  • Add maximum minute rate to the phone.
  • Add call pick up function.
  • Add DID/DDI function.
  • Add filter the rate depends on the billing prefix.
  • Add lowest profit rate limit function to the routing gateway.
  • Add become effective spending limit to the package.
  • Filter the rate based on the rate group name.
  • Add routing gateway time period priority.
  • Add routing/mapping gateway concurrency decline and rise alarm\.
  • Add routing/mapping gateway alarm based on time perio.
  • Add routing gateway call timeout alarm.
  • Add mapping gateway CPS alarm.
  • Add phone/routing gateway/mapping gateway call and registration trace.
  • Add list of login MAC address to limit user’s login computer.
  • Filtering multiple data with different conditions at same time\.
  • Hot standby module can be managed in the same GUI.
  • Add routing gateway line reservation function.
  • Add gateway group line limit using routing gateway setting.
  • Add gateway ban or allow the connected gateway’s name.
  • Add routing/mapping gateway CPS control, online routing/mapping gateway CPS display.
  • Add alternative character repertoire of parameter setting.
  • Add CDR computational accuracy.
  • Add record IP of Web log fucntion.
  • Add VOS service process monitoring components.
  • Add configuration and transmission password encryption.
  • Add illegal call alarm.
  • Add all database problems alarm.
  • Add CDR/Income or revenue reports/Payment records download ability.
  • Add CDR downloads ability from web self service interfaces .
  • Add export CSV format CDR according to the set of cycle.
  • Add ringing at the same time on phone.
  • Add dynamic blacklist.
  • Making improvement in the database by making use of database update method.
  • Add system white list.
  • Add call transfer (meant for all types of calls).
  • Add supplementary settings for web interface.
  • By providing callback support to its customers.
  • Add protect route.
  • Add fee rate time replace.
  • Add create/delete/query bind number for the web interface.
  • Enhancement of internal as well as external interface.
  • Dividing web with the main program.
  • Support report clean.
  • Add minimum consumption for the package.
  • Add RTP detection for IVR.
  • Solving web server stop after upgradations.
  • Add display caller ID by callee prefix.
  • Add end reason filter for CDR query.
  • Add remote party-ID screen settings.
  • Add external interface for direct call as well as callback
  • Add end reason filter for CDR query
  • Add media interrupt detection for either a direct call or a callback.
  • Add video frame rate along with frame size transmission for SIP SDP.

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