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VOS3000 is a softswitch that operates on a VOIP operation platform. A softswitch is the central device, which is used in the VoIP industry for connecting call from one end to the other. It is the safest, reliable and stable operating system. VOS3000 has been designed for performing a wide range of medium as well as small scale carrier class operations along with management of several other systems. Not only this, It has several other add-on features as well. Some of its features are briefly described below:

Automatic Billing

VOS 3000 makes use of a special web interface for making automatic billing of customer’s invoices cdr portal.

The user of this billing server for VOS3000 can control it by making use of a web browser or a mobile application.

It is the safest and powerful solution of billing.

High capacity

VOS3000 supports SIP/H323/SIP-H323.

Capacity of supporting upto 5000 calls at the same point of time.

Makes use of advanced asynchronous message bus.


Support setting of different authorities for different users.

Ensures safety of the recorded or saved files.

Using the VOS3000 query helps in blocking illegal calls.

High stability

Supports backup using the gateways. Ensures that the business will not be influenced even if the gateway gets broken.

Helps in improving complete call rate by locking the gateway route.

Ensures that the routing will be based on load.

Performance oriented

VOS3000 is known for performing carrier-class operations for all types of businesses.

Integrates with several add-on modules for building a unique as well as high performance operating system.

Also known for management of multiple systems simultaneously.

Web self-service system

VOS3000 uses server for doing backup of data or performing other operations.

You can change the default admin port of VOS3000 without even changing anything in it.

Supports web https as well.